Sterling Playback Theatre Company which started in the year of 2000 gives Playback Theater Performances. The Director of Mary Anne Charity Trust, Mr. Cyril Alexander, attended a workshop on Play Back Theatre conducted by Bev Hosking's (New Zealand) and Mary Good (Australia) and decided to pursue this play back form of theatre in Chennai.


  • The sterling play back theatre conducts performances local and global events, and other institutions at their request. Some of the key performances conducted were in Indian Council for child welfare, CMS children home, little drops, Chennai, Juvenile home- Chennai and open performances at Marina beach, Chennai.
  • The company also conducts Playback Theatre practice session on Third Saturday of every month for Playback Theatre Practitioners.

The outcome of the activities include

  • In the intervention communities the therapy had not only touched the lives of many but also brought unity and warm amongst the member of the group and their audience as well.
  • Through the play back theatre, Sterling Playback Theatre has been able to provide psycho social support to people who have been undergoing trauma and stress.
  • Many organization have started to use the Play Back Theatre as a therapeutic care